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  • TD102 Single-head Iron.

    TD102 Single-head Iron-wire Bind Machine

  • ZKZ-600 Program Contro.

    ZKZ-600 Program Control High-speed Drilling Machine

    DKZ-600 Program Control High-speed Drilling Machine

  • CBZ-450 Program Contro.

    CBZ-450 Program Control Hydraulic Label Removing Machine

    CB-450 Program Control Hydraulic Label Removing Machine The Features : 1. It has a computer touch screen control, easy and convenient operation . .

  • ZYHD660E Combi-folding.

    ZYHD660E Combi-folding machine (with electric control knife)

    Model :ZYHD490E    Type  :Folding Machine Power :5kw          Weight:2590kg          Dimensions:13.97m

  • DH11-A/B Book and Box .

    DH11-A/B Book and Box Binding Machine

    Model :DH-11A/B  Type  :Iron-wire machine  Power :0.12kw          Weight:45kgs Size:0.15m                                           

  • SD-1050 Automatic Shee.

    SD-1050 Automatic Sheet Feeding Square Bottom  Paper Bag Making Machine

    Model :SD-1050A/B/C    Type  :paper bag  Power :11kw Weight:100000kgs   Dimensions:41.66m

  • YYP-480 Hydraulic Book.

    YYP-480 Hydraulic Bookback Presser

    Model :YYP-480 Type  :presser  Power :0.8kw         Weight:590kgs Size:1.16m

  • DK-4 Automatic Drillin.

    DK-4 Automatic Drilling Machine

    Model :DK-4   Type  :Drilling Machine  Power :2.2kw  Weight:460kg           Dimensions:1.85m

  • DK-2 Automatic Drillin.

    DK-2 Automatic Drilling Machine

    Model:DK-2       Type  :Drilling Machine  Power :0.8kw        Weight:160kg Size:1.33m

  • JBT50/5D Elliptic perf.

    JBT50/5D Elliptic perfect binding machine (automatic feed cover)

    Model:JBT50/5D       Type :Binding Machine  Power :18kw      Weight:2000kg Size :11.15mm

  • ZYHD490E Combi-Folding.

    ZYHD490E Combi-Folding Machine(with electric control knife)

    Model :ZYHD490E   Type  :Folding Machine Power :5kw         Weight:1550kg         Dimensions:14.62m

  • ZYHD780E Combi-folding.

    ZYHD780E Combi-folding machine (with electric control knife)

    Model :ZYHD780E   Type  :Folding Machine Power :7kw         Weight:2990kg         Dimensions:14.62m

  • ZYHD720E Combi-folding.

    ZYHD720E Combi-folding machine (with electric control knife)

    Model :ZYHD720E  Type  :Folding Machine  Power :6kw        Weight:2790kg        Dimensions:14.62m

  • ZYH780D Combi-folding .

    ZYH780D Combi-folding machine

    Model :ZYH780D  Type  :Folding Machine  Power :7kw        Weight:2990kg        Dimensions:14.62m

  • ZYH660D Combi-folding .

    ZYH660D Combi-folding machine

    Model :ZYH660D  Type  :Folding Machine  Power :6kw        Weight:2590kg        Dimensions:14.62m

  • DQ440C Semi-auto Saddl.

    DQ440C Semi-auto Saddle Stitching Machine

    Model :DQ440C   Type  :Folding Machine Power :0.55kw Weight:370kg          Dimensions:3.4m

  • JBB51B Perfect Binding.

    JBB51B Perfect Binding Machine

    Model :JBB51B  Type  :Binding machine Power :7kw        Weight:700kg        Dimensions:4m

  • JBT50/3A Elliptic Perf.

    JBT50/3A Elliptic Perfect Binding Machine

    Model :JBT50/3A   Type  :Binding Machine Power 13kw Weight:1500kg          Dimensions:7.5m

  • JBT50/3D Elliptic Perf.

    JBT50/3D Elliptic Perfect Binding Machine(automatic feed cover)

    Model :JBT50/3D   Type  :Binding Machine Power 13kw Weight:1600kg          Dimensions:8.56m

  • JBT50/4D Elliptic perf.

    JBT50/4D Elliptic perfect binding machine (automatic feed cover)

    Model :JBT50/4D    Type  :Binding Machine Power :17kw  Weight:1800kg          Dimensions:8.56m

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