Glue Binding Machine

JBT50/3A Elliptic Perfect Binding Machine



The machine is altered to be up cover hand-send machine on the basis of JBT50/4D.Its advancedness can match with international similar machine.
The machine has the installation of frequency conversion timing,Leanly sticking worm gear,preesing creasing gear,strongly inhaling paper bits,automatically withdraw books.The machine has good performance,simple adjustment,high-speed binding,high accuracy rate,steady and convenient operation,low fault rate and so on.
The machine can be used in wired glue packing and unwired glue packing.It is the ideal equipment to bind books for all kinds of printing factory and book binding factory.

Main technical parameters:

Binding Breadth
max: 450×270mm
min: 160×120 mm
Binding Thickness
3 ~ 50 mm
Binding Speed
1500 book/hour(本/小时)
Total Power
13 kw
Packing Weight
1500 kg
Packing Size
3050x1500x1640 mm











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