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DK-4 Automatic Drilling Machine



DK-4 Automatic high speed drilling machine, high-speed operation, beautiful and smooth

DK-4 automatic high speed drilling machine is a new type of automatic high speed drilling machine, which is developed by our company through importing foreign advanced technology on the home existing base. The machine has four sets of bits equipments. The bit works by the high speed rolling motor makes. The machine drills holes by automatic movement of work bedplate.
The machine clamps the bit by the way of drill clamping bit in order that overcome the bit clamping unstable shortcoming of home machines. The machine has four bits equipments, so it has high efficiency. The work bedplate can move from left to right. Extend of distance between holes is large. The machine has the simple operation, easy adjustment, little trouble and busy moving. It is the best equipment of drilling and binding for all kinds of account book paper, binding factories and gift companies.


Main Technical parameters                                                                         


Drill  Diameter  3-10mm
Hole Distance  42-260mm
Max Throat Depth  120mm
Drill Hole Thickness(Max) 3=30mm    4=35mm
5=40mm    6-10=45mm
Motor Power  2.2kw
Packing Weight  460kg
Packing Size  1120*970*1700mm

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