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CBZ-450 Program Control Hydraulic Label Removing Machine


CBZ-450 Program Control Hydraulic Label Removing Machine

The Features : 

 1. It has a computer touch screen control, easy and convenient operation .

 2. Adopt servo motor drive, motion transferred by precision ball screw , ensure the position precision .

 3. The working head is driven by oil cylinder that has enough pressure . The working range is controlled by software program and photoelectric switch .

 4. When operating machine , the worker’s hands no need to touch the working head , ensure the safety of the users .

 5. The pneumatic clamping limit plate makes operation more convenient and reliable .

 6. The clamping limit plate is reversible type , it is more convenient to feed and remove papers .

 7. Plunger adopts mechanical limit , more accurate and reliable .

 8. At present , most of the factories at home and abroad remove the labels manually , efficient is very low . This machine greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of labors. It can automatically remove labels from various kinds of ordinary paperboards, tags , small boxes after die cutting . It is an ideal label removing equipment for printing and packaging factories .


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