Paper Folding Machine

ZYH660D Combi-folding machine



combi folding machine, electrical system.Including Parallel folding,organ folding, and reel folding.

The ZYH660D is a folio buckle-knife combination folding machine with a pile feeder or around feeder. Parallel folding of the ZYH660D can be carried out times with the buckle plates. The folding fonns of the signatures may be concertina fold, parallel fold or letter fold. The  ZYHJ660D can handle parallel folding 2 times. Rightangle folding can be carried out 3 times combination the buckle plates and the folding knives. At the same time of folding, perforating and creasing can be handled. The standard machine is suitable for handling 8mo, 16mo and 32mo signatures. The two-on folder can handle 32mo two-on signatures, except possessing the folding functions of the standard machine.

Main Technical Parameter :

Foldable max sheet size    660*1040mm
Foldable mix sheet size 150*200mm
Foldable  sheet rotation range 40-200g/O
Folding & rolling max line speed


Clasp knife max speed 150 strokes/min
Total power 5.2kw
Packing Size main:2070*1630*1470mm
Total packing we  2990kg




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