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Sewing machines sewing machine manufacturers about automation automation, short preparation time adjustmentAutomation is the sewing machine technology is an important trend . With small quantities , the growing demand printing , sewing machines need to quickly set makeready time to become a very important measure , user requirements will be able to do without the tool before starting to prepare the various settings by automatically adjust the computer system programming format . With sewing machines , for example, as long as the control screen, enter binding signatures of length, width , folding pages and Posts , computer and PLC system for sewing machines will be able to book stickers positioning device , secant knife, clip book knives, belt and chain and a book table height is automatically adjusted and can be affixed to size on the bottom for a book to set the needle so that the shortened version of the tune to a minimum . Eliminating operational errors sewing machine technology is another trend . Sewing machines now have the book block , missing posts , shrinking posts , disconnection detection function ; upscale sewing machine with thread image recognition error detection or barcode recognition error detection function posts to ensure the machine take the next ride each page a quote signatures are correct. Sewing machine can be checked with the order of the signatures light control sequence verification system , take note pages machine storage hopper of the optical sensor can be read on a 20mm 110mm signatures printed content , if the read information stored in different memory the machine will appear down the wrong message and posts to ensure the correct binding sequence signatures . Sewing machine monitor job status detection device , these devices are on the sewing machine signatures to go through the place . When the sewing machine malfunction or operator error , if shrinking posts or missing signatures , the machine will send alarm signals and shutdown , troubleshooting, and defective after striking sewing machine in order to continue working.

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