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Pack the machine manufacturers about the development of sewing machines sewing machine Tsou potential signatures is made through the core of the book sewing equipment. Take a page from the output posts, buffering positioning, transmission, sewing, book counts and electrical control system. Is a thick paperback book and a hardcover binding important postpress machinery. A new generation of sewing machine operation and adjustment function will automatically set the most. By CTP4 access information and pass it to the sewing machine, and then automatically adjust settings for various operations and functions of the computer screen, you can see at a glance the status of operation of the machine and a variety of related information. Sewing machines will increase and improve the various detection and recognition, in order to ensure a better locking wire binding product quality, and easier to control costs. To meet the bookbinding industry automation, the need for high speed, following the production line with a lock, the lock line after the book block will be automatically transported to the Binding paperback or hardcover linkage line linkage line, composed of more complete linkage line.

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