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Sewing machine folding machine manufacturers about the development potential of a Tsou new generation of folding machines more attention to detail is indeed the details determine success or failure, folding machine in structure and more attention to detail , the new folding machine and strive to do in the details better. For example Heidelberg StahlTH / KH series replacement operations in terms of time to shorten innovation , the use of electric platen (AirStreamTable), both vacuum paper guide and alignment function, can store the operating parameters needed to produce the motor drive to precisely adjust the folding roller and automatically pre-set , significantly shortens makeready times . It is precisely because the details of the transformation, these folding machine is widely welcomed by printing companies . There are similar preparation of MBO Rapidest operating systems.(2) function has been further extended without a doubt . More powerful folding machine more vulnerable customers. Easier access to a larger market share. Now folding machine capabilities far beyond those we know 16 or 32 open folding machine to open a simple function , Heidelberg Stahl folding machine also offers many special configuration options for users, such as closed off , online glue , tear -cut , window punch , and even increase the online stickers cards, inkjet printing. Beijing Hualian Printing Co., printed 2005 calendar ( Rooster calendar ) , clearly showing the finishing aspects of international brands STAHL folding machine charm, Taiwan press edition folded paper affixed vivid chicks for calendar graces lot.3 to high-speed, high stability direction now , folding machine maximum production speed has been increased to 40,000 posts / hour, such as Heidelberg StahlTA52 folding machine . Because of its high degree of automation and simple and flexible maneuverability. Makes folding machine job preparation time is greatly reduced . Folding machine mainly to study the stability of its adaptability to a variety of paper work . Because customers demand printing paper used increasingly diverse. More and more demanding . Often a group of live pieces to use to several different paper types and quantitative , and even customers would bring their own paper. This requires folding machine equipment with great strain and adaptability.4 changeable format , large format folding machine actively appeared as the continuous progress of social civilization , consumers are increasingly demanding print diversification and differentiation. The diversity and personalized print makes a variety of " atypical Folio ," the books more and more , increasing the difficulty of the folding part , a lot of folding equipment manufacturers have enhanced folding device operating flexibility, while still fold page designed to increase the modular structure of the design effort , in order to enhance the flexibility of the device to meet a variety of user requirements. On the other hand , in line with full- format presses, production , high-performance full- folding machine came into being. Eliminating the cutting process , improve timeliness. MBOT130/142 full -gate fully open folding machine, folding machine is a large very good example .5 Low noise Desktop folding machine will be developed noise pollution has been plagued by printing companies , major printing companies are trying to eliminate noise and reduce its workers' injuries. Optimized working environment of workers . Low noise folding machine has been in finishing printing companies permission. For example MBO 's J, K series folding machine equipped with noise reduction enclosure , while the desktop folding machine is to eliminate noise in the article on the homework .6 gradually integrated into the process . More intelligent integration is the development trend of the printing industry , but also the ideal state , folding machine finishing process as an indispensable one department . Must also adapt to this trend of integration . Equipment, automation and digitization are complementary. Current folding machine automation trend is mainly focused on improving the degree of automation control systems , while digital trends are more with the entire printing digital workflow together. Focusing on technologies such as JDF and CIP4 applications . In recent years, professional printing exhibition, finishing emerged in many networking solutions , some new folding machine already has the information exchange capabilities, data management, software support , became end to end digital workflow JDF part . JDF- compatible with the network for data transmission with other systems .

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