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Sewing machines sewing machine manufacturers about the characteristics of high speed , good stability , high efficiency in order to meet India binding industry 's urgent need for high-speed , all manufacturers using the latest methods and techniques of modern design , design and optimization of the sewing machine mechanical mechanism , such as take part paging page , flip , lock line portion signatures positioning , knocking books device , clip book knives , especially cam curve optimization and improvements to enhance the stability of each agency action and reliability. Sewing machine speeds up to 200 ~ 220 posts / min is no longer a very difficult thing, such as Aster 's 220SA type , Martini 's 3214 production can meet the speed requirements . Aster and Smyth produced with a lock production line can make collating and sewing ( up to three sewing machines ) can be completed in a continuous process , the book block lock line after a book by the automatic unloading system and with Ji to the upper gum machine or manual unloading station . Linked production lines with a lock only a low investment and operational staff , with a short and efficient production . Collating machine sewing machines easily with separation , collating machine and sewing machine can handle two separate different jobs . Needle , stitch sewing small way to the fine gauge , needle development .Since the end of sewing machine needle punched pinholes larger in hardcover gum on after the procedure , it is desirable infiltration glue, easy to damage the core of the book , the book block more damage for coated paper , so the end of the needle to take a smaller diameter sewing machines meet the development trend , the current minimum diameter has reached the end of the needle 1.6mm; sewing machine needles prone to the back away from the big big problem inclination to produce the book block tight and flatness poor quality and appearance of the book block binding problem, so some domestic sewing machine manufacturers have improved accordingly set bookshelves , bearing needle plate and lifting frame and other institutions so that pitch from the original 23.55-24mm zoom out, such as ASTER 's widely used sewing machines of 19mm pitch , MATINI 's sewing machine needles commonly used 15.8mm spacing, purple Machinery Co. domestic sewing machine needles used 19mm and 20mm distance .

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