folding machine operation process

Folding machine folding machine manufacturers about the operation flow refers to the sharp folding machine according to a certain standard requirements sheets folded into a quote machine , folding machine also reflects the skills to carry out the folding process, which has the following primary operating procedures points: 1, folding machine before starting to do all the preparatory work, such as coarse investigation of all primary parts and screws are not loose , the rule is not moving , the channel is not a quote over oil , etc., and add a good lubricant ; 2 , boot, first open the motor , so that the machine be idle ( or actuate the clutch , turn on the feeder and the front and rear folding machine switched on ) , and correct to the gas pump after starting to make some folding paper into the folding machine ; 3, the boot when the first signal , point car check working conditions , correct and then send the signal to hang long vehicles , and gradually to normal speed ; 4, the machine in normal operation , we should always view the onset illnesses timely analysis, mooring car for sweep , sweep or tamper avoid various parts of the boot , even after the first sweep signal and then boot ; 5, the machine operator to be entrenched working time jobs , energy gathering , ready to attach importance to the working conditions of the machine to ensure that folding machine smooth pages ; 6 , folding machine in normal working conditions, a single shift ( 8 to 12 hours ) rub inspection once every two weeks ; 2 or 3 classes ( 16 to 24 hours ) each week of rub check again. To wipe the machine , air duct should intelligible to ensure rub check after normal boot produced .

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